Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's Up With Me?

I have six projects started and unlike me, I am starting yet another. I have baby quilt fabric cut and cleaned; baby Moses basket liner parts cut and cleaned. I have started the daunting project of organizing pictures from a lifetime to have preserved in bound archival books, I have half of the Christmas pillow parts completed; a basket of mending/alterations do be dealt with, and three separate quilt projects in the works so I guess it's actually more than six.

The new project that I started yesterday when I just wanted to SEW was suggested to me by my friends who were discussing the
heavy duty shower curtain liner wall that I have constructed to try and curtail the fading of my fabric from the brutal sun that marks each fold line that is exposed.
Protecting the fabric is one thing but looking at the boring white wall when before it was a joy to look at weighed heavily on me. The wonderful suggestion was to use up some of the thousands of scraps that already are cut to the perfect size of either 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" or the 4" squares that I so anally cut and boxed and brought down here from the north and make a curtain out of them.
I decided on the 4" squares because the bulk of them are from hand dyed fabric and I thought it was only fitting. I am going to leave up the heavy duty shower curtain liners and sew the soon to be completed cover just under the top strip where the grommets are. Why bother with doing new grommets when they are done for me. That means no reinforcing or anything. I am giddy with the thought.

I got this photo from my gal Micky this morning who is to come here next week. The weather hasn't hit 70ยบ and the fact that she is a sun worshiper bothers me and I gave her a holler yesterday to give her the option of moving her trip to a little later, with the hopes that the weather would improve. She's looking into it and I am guessing that this picture of Frostie

This is how you know when winter is starting to get to people!

says it all.

Today we will welcome a couple, MaryAnn and Pat, that we have known since college. They are coming from northern Illinois and even though it is cold for the season, they will be happy not to shovel for a few days!!!


spikemuffin said...

It's only a matter of time before your head explodes!

Anonymous said...

Read once that it takes only 19 minutes before fabric begins to fade... geez, my iron takes that long to warm up... any fabric in my house is DOOMED

Anonymous said...

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