Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yap Happy

I can't take the time this morning to figure out how to do these pictures correctly so I am just going in the order I posted them in the new format and be done with it.
This is Kahlia. She looks like a puppy but is actually 14 years old. You would never know it looking at her. She has a definite bounce in her step and a keen need to investigate. I showed her and her cousin the 'dog drawer' and I pretty much can't get them away from it.  She is half maltese and half something I forgot.  She is seven pounds and reminds me of my sweet Grace Kelly.

She found a folded up quilt and made it her own.   Don't try to wake this little lady; she will bite your hand off.  She likes her own space.

This is 14 MONTH old Finn McCool and he is so precious.  These toys?  Finn took out every one of Bella's toys and walked around the pool with them in his mout like it was the runway and deposited them in a pile.

This picture was due to the fact that I said 'Finn? I need to take your picture'. He is nothing if not professional.

In this picture I said, 'Finn, go kiss your cousin'. If only my kids minded so well.

Kahlia is saying, 'can you find a bigger bone?'  Bella was happy to just sit back and enjoy the company.


dee said...

Darling pups one and all.
Enjoyed your Banyan post yesterday. Nice looking models.

Mechelle said...

Finn even smiled for the camera!!! HOW CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Did you know that you are in the Lark Books new book called 500 Quilts? It's a very nice book and I was thrilled to see you beautiful work in it. Keep up the good work.