Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Bookmobile

Okay, the invites are sent and the rsvp's are coming in and now I have a week to mull over the menu for my St. Patties Day (Jimmy) Buffet. Thanks to all the input I got from you guys I have decided to have mini grilled cheese sandwiches cut out from a shamrock cookie cutter and the outside butter will have the parsley, chives and scallions. Or maybe I should have the green fried ravioli cut out of shamrocks? I am in a quandary about that. Too much or do I really give a damn? Bottom line is that the apps will be green (the deep fried broccoli is a must) and the regular meal will be corned beef and cabbage with a side or two thrown in for good measure but they aren't necessarily gonna be green. Desserts? If everyone comes that I am predicting, it should be around two dozen. I think that calls for more than one dessert. Got any ideas?

It's that time of year again; the annual book sale at the library. I was there this year within the first twenty minutes of the start of the sale.
I have most of Brian's books that I have purchased as they came out (way back when) but haven't followed his work in the last few years. I got these new ones for a song. I believe I sang 'The Sound of Music'.
The collection of cookbooks were fantastic this year. I am thrilled about the Southern Living dating back to 1984. You gotta love a cookbook that uses canned soup more than the Campbells!!!
The cookbook on top is the Dessert Bible but you can barely see the lettering. It is in gold ink and doesn't do well with photography. I am the proud owner of yet another Junior League cookbook. Eat your heart out Regina!!!
Girlfriend books are always needed. In fact, I have already wrapped the 'Quotable Women' to pass off as a very thought provoking birthday gift to give to my girlfriend on Saturday at her birthday lunch.
And for another three bucks I can learn bridge, clean everything in the house and get another Dave Sedaris fix. I love both he and his sister. I better get cleaning.


dee said...

Love the cookbooks. I have the Southern Living '84. Aunt Mattie has every book gong back to the first. She started giving them away a few years ago and I was a lucky recipient.
Make the shamrock ravioli. It sounds like a perfect fit and delicious as well.
Party on....

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Regina said...

For dessert, I would make my bread pudding souffle; it's really from New Orleans,but come on, the Irish love their bread.....Also, I'm hoping you are gifting me with that Jr. League cookbook.