Monday, March 15, 2010

A Caribbean Experience

My computer was on the blink today. Late post for moi.

This is my friend Millie. This picture was taken last week on the red carpet before the Academy Awards took place. As you can see, she was quite the Diva. And to think she had a fur in Florida. Only Millie.
Sunday night we went to a dinner party at her house and it was quite the spread. Millie was actually not feeling very well but the trooper that she is, she said the show must go on. The table
was set to a 'T'. These gator napkin rings have all movable parts. It took some talking me down to stop playing with them.
Everything matched beautifully. She has this gorgeous tropical china that I loved. The color matches my house. I tried to talk her into giving them to me but she said matching the exterior of a house wasn't enough for her to part with them. She did mention something about a trade, but then Gordon was the one who drove us all to the dinner party. How could I get home without him?
The appetizers were shredded crab in a plantain cup. Yum. This salad was grape tomatoes, english cukes, pears, pecans and a mixture of lettuces. The vinegar and oil was a perfect pairing.
Given that Millie's roots are in Puerto Rico, she did not disappoint by making authentic dishes based on her heritage. This Carne Mechada is london broil stuffed with ham in a tomato sauce with little carrots and tomatoes. I reminded me of my grandmothers pot roast on Sundays. It was wonderful.
The show stopper for me was this dish called Pinon and it is made up of sweet plantains, ground beef, string beans and eggs. It sounds like an odd combo but it was fantastic.
This bread pudding she made was five stars even without the five stars on the top. It is called Budin and it was the best I have ever had.
These cookies are strangely familiar like a Christmas cookie one of my friends mother made when I was younger.
I just googled crescent rolled jam powdered sugar cookie and came up with this : rugelach. I think this was what I was thinking of. Don't ya just love google?


Pammyfay said...

Yes! Rugelah! (or rugelach) The great thing about them is that there are so many variations--chocolate, with nuts is my favorite. Jewish or kosher bakeries have them, if you want to taste-test a bit more before baking them yourself. (But look for them before Passover begins at the end of the month!)

dee said...

My friend Deb has a catering company and she makes fresh rugelach on a regular basis for the cookie platters. Somehow, I always manage to turn up at "cookie platter making time"...just to help things move along....yeah..that's why
That china is beautiful.

Cindra said...

Does your friend share recipes?

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maggie z. said...

nice spread indeed... sorry i missed millie's plantains ~ rain check??!!

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