Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cart Blanche

I just got back from walking the beach and left Micky to get a pedicure and then I am joining her for a eyebrow forming (or something, I can't remember what they called it) and then a dye job on the eyebrows because the grey makes everything sorta grey. This is a first for me. I will get a picture.

We then join a group for a poker pub crawl that starts at eleven. You get a card at each bar you go into and at the end, whoever has the best hand wins. Wins what I do not know but I feel confident that I will win.

My secret? Slip covers on the cart. I saw a company at the PGA convention (Nifty Carts?) that makes mediocre slip covers for carts and I thought that I could one up them. I used just home
dec fabric from JoAnn's so they won't last long but I just had to try it out. I am gonna look into getting the Sunbrella fabric so the sun won't reek havoc on the covers but in the mean time this

will work just fine. Here is a before and after picture. Micky suggested that I also put dots on the cart so she found on line those things that stick on windows so I won't need to invest in GooGone stock to get the paper stickers off the cart when I change the slipcovers. She is so smart.


Anonymous said...

Love the improvements to MY cart! How are you liking the haircut?

Gerry said...

Great job on the pokey-dotted seats ! !
You certainly would stand out in a crowd.

Anonymous said...

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