Monday, March 01, 2010

Cyber Stuff

Words with Friends. It's totally addicting and I am hooked. My cyber friend Susan hooked me up with this app for my iPhone after I mentioned playing games. It's online Scrabble that you play with real people, and you can play with as many people as you can handle (and have a life). There's a free app but you have to put up with the ads and so forking out the $2.99 was a non issue. I am guessing there's an online thing for blackberries and just playing on the computer but I am not even going there. I feel like the last 24 hours was a Scrabble blur. A good blur but a blur none the less. Add Bridge Doctor on the regular computer and I am a complete pathetic addict. Oh, I have bridge here today; I need to pick up a few unsightly things.
I am such an idiot. I bought these garden markers on line because as you can see, the citrus
trees in my back yard look pretty much alike most of the time and I tire of explaining which one is which. I order the signage and of course the postage cost more than the markers and then they are delivered and I look at 'em and wonder how the hell I am gonna mount them. I go back to the website and realize that I now have to order the stakes (the shipping is once again more than the stakes). Don't you think they should have some type of notice to say that they don't come with anything to hold them? I probably just was impatient and didn't notice but I still like to blame someone else.


Anonymous said...

Could you just make your own stakes? Handy as you are with a drill and staple gun, you'll come up with something!

dee said...

I don't have an iPhone. I'm the last of the Luddites. Don't want to Tweet or Twitter or even talk most of the time.....except to you or other bloggy friends. My brother-in-law has a Crackberrie. I believe he would implode if he didn't have it attached to his person. Most of his calls are from work related issues and they drive him crazy-constantly.
I know that another distraction from being creative is a no go for me. Can't accomplish much lately with just the computer for a distraction. It's good that you're enjoying it though. Look at all you accomplish even with that distraction so it doesn't seem a problem for you. Scrabble is a favorite of mine so that would be dangerous here.
I'm already distracted by bright shiny things...oooo there's one now

Anonymous said...

Poke a couple of holes in the top corners and put a string through the signs and hang them on a branch of the tree.

Susan Turney said...

Tommy, I love hearing about your bridge, too! I played a lot in college and haven't since but I'm getting ready to move to a 55+ community in Las Vegas and hope to get back into it. None of my friends now play and I remember being so hooked and entertained! I'm almost afraid to look at Bridge Doctor! There's so much I should be doing around here to get ready for the move but scrabble and the computer are so much more fun!

Mrs. Muffin said...

I'm addicted to Scrabble on facebook which can be played on smart phones as well as computers.