Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From Puerto Rico to Illinois

There are times when someone asks me why I didn't blog and I just realized where the blogs go when I think they were published. If I ever post to the blog and don't publish it that day, the original date stays on it and so that is where it ends up in the order of the blog. So, if I put something funny (like today) that someone sends me and I save it to blogspot and save it as a draft, when I go to use it, the original date is the one the server uses, not the day I think I am actually posting. The lost posts. Kinda like the sock that you can never find. I never said I was smart; smart aleck maybe, but smart? Naaaa.

I have a very special friend, Millie, who gifted me some of her secret weapons.
These are called sofrito. They were made and then frozen in ice cube trays (that's something I do too!) A sofrito consists of cilantro, culantro, onion, garlic, green pepper and ahi dulce'. I just looked up 'ahi dulce' and fresh came up in google translator. I am gonna have to ask Millie what that means. This little cube is added to tomato sauce and is the group of secret ingredients in Puerto Rican cuisine. It's probably comparable to mirepoix, which is a combo of celery, carrot and onion and is used in classical french cuisine. Notice that she didn't give me the recipe for the sofrito. I am at her mercy for the rest of my life. Oh, and I have never heard of culantro before. Thanks to google translator, I now know that it is coriander. Now....... what shall I make? This is an addition; I spelled it wrong. Millie just got back to me and she told me this: Yeah....aji is pepper and dulce is sweet.

Only in ILLINOIS ...

People in Kankakee County, Illinois have a warped sense of humor.

It must be something in the coal-infused water.

At the pull off at SR 17 and Hopkins Park Rd,

a deer was hit.

A couch had been dumped there previously.

Day two, the deer was on the couch.

Day three, the end table and lamp showed up.

Day four, the TV and TV stand showed up.

The Trooper had to call IL DOT because of all the people stopping to take pictures.

The cardboard caption in front of the deer on the couch reads,

"Sorry Hunters Obama ruined healthcare

We can't afford to have injured hunters on our conscience

Stayed home


The Deer"


Anonymous said...

It's actually a very simple matter. For those who don't want Health Care coverage, they should stay away from it. Nobody is going to be forced to take it, do you think???

Ignorant Asses!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do think!


Anonymous said...

Here's what's going to happen. The bureaucrats are going to make everyone buy healthcare from insurance companies. If they don't, they will be fined. The IRS is in charge of that. Insurance companies will raise their rates, because they will be forced to take everyone, regardless. But theyinsurance companies will have it good for a while because the government will be forcing citizens to buy from them. People won't be able to afford it. If they could, they would have it now.
One thing will lead to another and the government policies will put the insurance companies out of business, and then they Bureaucrats will be "forced" to put in the single payer system. Then you will be on a waiting list for care. They will decide if it is cost efficient to fix you. "Free Healthcare for all".
I'm worried about the poor Canadians. Where will they flee to now for great healthcare?

Miracles said...

Geeze...it took forever to sign on. Now I forgot what I wanted to post. Oh yeah...so, what did you make with the sofrito cubes?