Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Glorious Quilt

Yvonne Porcella found out that she had ovarian cancer a while back and three industrious quilters, Jamie Fingal, Leslie Jenison and Iris Karp, put their heads together make something to wrap around Yvonne to keep her spirits while she went through all that having cancer entails. They decided to reach out to the SAQA members for blocks to make a quilt for Yvonne. As any quilter knows, Yvonne is an amazing art quilter and has made substantial contributions to the quilting community. I have always loved her work and continue to.

The day that I got the call to create is the day I made my block for Yvonne. I took a nod from her color palate and

made my little piece of the quilt. They were to be two different sizes, smaller (and I think you could make two) or larger, and that's what I chose. The size was to have the seam allowances included and it was not to be trimmed up so that the girls putting it together would have something to work with.

Check out both these blog entries on the quilt, the process and Yvonne herself luxuriating on her beautiful gift. Of course I had to find my block. (Psssh, it's close to the top on the left side.)

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dee said...

what a beautiful thing to do for Yvonne. I've loved her work for so long. Had no idea that she was ill. I hope she finds love and comfort under this quilt. Her work is so joyous this quilt is a perfect fit for her.