Friday, March 26, 2010

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Here is precious Sienna, after having met my friends who went with me for the CUT. She looked and looked at my hair and I said I wanted it down to where the roots started; i.e. where the grey starts. She said, mmmmm, I don't think you will like it and then off to the shampoo bowl where the beginning of the whole cut job started. I resemble Kaptain Kangaroo a lot in this pic.
She cut and cut, and she said it was in stages. I had more than a few onlookers. They looked as if I would turn into a turnip when the cut was complete.
True to her word, Mick took 48 (yep 48) pictures of the cut. This one showed the hair being cut and falling to the chair.
I blabbed on and on about the colic and issues of matching head hair to ear/nose hair and she said, as much as she was cutting off, it wouldn't be a problem. In all, she took off about 2 and a half inches but when I mentioned G's arsenal of guns and the fact that they were loaded and she
backtracked saying less is more. These gals just don't want to be the one that shaves a head so I ended up with a cute cut and lots lobed off but not all of the fake blond. She called it icing. I call it being chicken. It's cute and she was the cutest. And she has extensions!!!!
Okay, Sienna looks pissed and granted, she should be. I had two friends with me for a HAIRCUT and one was a photo journalist (sorry for stealing your thunder Linda!) It was more about the photo op. I will be back in next week and do the job right. For now, she did a great job and wanted to keep her job. Enough said.

Oh, and Gordon's comment when I got home? ' I thought you were gonna cut your hair. Were you sidetracked?'


Anonymous said...

The cut is very cute and spunky. Let your real color shine and go with are looking really good. You will be happy to NOT color your hair anymore. Natural is best and healthy, too.

spikemuffin said...

Still waiting for a report on the shoes.

dee said...

It looks great and so do you!!Go with it. I like that she left some bangy stuff in the front. Softens it.

Gerry said...

You are sooo right when you say the stylists are too [something] to cut it short when we ask.
I've finally convinced my stylist I really, really mean short. She now cut the top of my hair 7/8" and the very front [?bangs?] to 1.25".
I love it.
My hair is so grey that it is almost whitel.

Cindra said...

I love it! Makes your eyes twinkle and sparkle!

QuiltingCyclist said...

Meant to send you a comment on this earlier. I did the same a bit over a year ago. My short white boy cut has been easy, flattering and a hit with my friends. I turned 65 last month, ride my bike about 100 miles per week, quilt with my friends and love my husband. Life is good without hair color!!