Sunday, March 07, 2010


I had a very full day yesterday. I walked to town with Karen and we went to a festival. It wasn't much; more like a bad garage sale but we took care of that by going shopping and having a very nice ladies lunch while playing 'pass and play' scrabble. We then walked home and helped set up the tables for an outdoor party. It was a sendoff party for a family that is moving away. Then it was off to the party. It was so cold that it didn't last very long. That was such a shame because they had tons of food (deep fried mullet with cornmeal, fried whole turkeys as well as fried chicken and hamburgers with the works). Everyone brought either an appetizer, salad, side or dessert. There was so much food!!! Everyone was bundled up but without the correct cold weather gear, it just wasn't warm enough. That was the earliest we ever got home from a night time party before.
I was thinking of what to give these wonderful people as a going away gift and decided on heart art. I have done this before and it's really cool. I get these little mylar hearts that are on sticks (I got mine at the dollar store and guess what? They each cost a dollar!) The sticks come off easily and I just tape down the little tab down to the heart. These are at least a couple years old so the balloons stay nice a long time.

I mixed up paper mache paste. I use the cooked method; one part flour to five parts water. I used a half cup of flour and boiled two and a half cups water. While the water was boiling I took the 1/2 c. flour and gradually whisked it in to 1/2 warm water. When all the lumps were gone and the water was boiling, I combined them and boiled the whole kit and caboodle for a couple minutes. That's all it takes. I love to use it when it is warm. You can save the glue mix for a few days in the frig. Because it is humid down here, I add a tablespoon or two of salt to avoid molding.
I then tear up the newspaper in small pieces and separate them because it's hard to later separate with goop all over your hands.
You slather the goop on to cover everything and then I prop it on a glass to dry.
Here it is almost dry. I usually go over it a couple times but it certainly doesn't need to be bump free. It looks cooler if it is a bit lumpy. When it is completely dry I will glue it to a professional wrapped canvas (from Joann's, Hobby Lobby or Michael's) and paint the whole thing. The balloon just stays inside forever. I will probably just paint it white like I have in the past. I am still mulling that over. I am thinking about putting some saying on a little ribbon coming off the heart like, ' take ours with you' or something. I have to figure that out.


Deb said...

Oh please show us your finished product! I'm thinking you probably would, but sometimes you do get in a hurry and forget! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please do show the finished product.

You are ever so clever (as usual)