Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Working!!!

Blogger just ate my blog. But I will persevere and try again.

DWTS highlights for me were two things; even tho' she is mostly a joke, Pam Anderson is one sexy mama. Another mama, Kate + 8 was one of the most appalling dancers, experience or not that I have seen. Even Cloris was better. Tony, her dancing instructor walked off and said I quit to her. They didn't show what a bitch she probably was to have him stoop to that but of course, it's his job so he came back quite contrite and she said 'a lot of people have quit on me'. Gee Kate, do ya think it may be you? When they went back for scores, that bitch, who should be home with her EIGHT kids, could not even smile. Kate, you are not a star just because you were on the cover of InTouch, Star, Enquirer, US, People, and others. She needs to get her ducks in the water and in order.

And Micky and I watched Cougar Town on DVR yesterday because it was dedicated to us and I said, 'that girl in the bar reminds me of Sheryl Crow but she isn't skinny enough' and during commercial break of DWTS they mentioned the guest star, Sheryl Crow. This goes to show you that you need to keep abreast of current events (ie read People magazine).

Yeah!!!! blogger accepted my photos that I wanted to post yesterday. Let's see how far it will go today.
A couple days of walking on the beach and we came up with some new sights. These are tiny tiny little spheres and they are almost clear. There are miles of them on the beach and we are guessing that they are fish eggs. Anybody know what they are?
This is the first time in forever that I have seen jelly fish and ma o wars on the beach when I am here in the winter. They are a hot weather sight and I don't know why they are on the beach when most people won't attempt the cold weather. There were quite a few and I was leery of
having Bella on the beach with them so I walked her very far from the shore. It's gotta be related to the odd weather we are having.
Micky left yesterday to some very wet conditions. Our pool was literally an infinity pool, with the water rising higher than the edge. It was going down the lanai drains!!!! It does look lovely tho'.
SIL Claudia must have told Bea that Micky was visiting me and she misunderstood and thought she was visiting Bea. Claud sent me the picture of her waiting for her company. Is she cute or what?


dee said...

Lots of people having problems with blogger-you're not alone.

I know the pool isn't supposed to be that way but it sure does look pretty. The pic of Bea made me laugh.
Who says they can't understand stuff?

Margie said...

I plan to get back to Dancing when Kate is gone. Yeach!