Friday, March 19, 2010

More Green Stuff

If I take any pictures at a party, it's usually before food is touched or in a massive hurry after the food has been exposed and I remember to photo it. Same goes with the guests getting any face time in a photo. The first to come to the front door are usually the only ones I remember to take a picture of because after that I am playing hostess and things just go down, blog wise, from there. Maybe next year.... So,
here we have couple numero uno. How Joanne talked her hubby into wearing this headband is beyond me. He was even doing it without the typical male, she made me do it, repeated over and over. He did say later on in the evening that, 'did I think everyone had arrived and therefore he could take off the headband?' No one let on that he had gouges in is cerebellum. I haven't seen him since so I don't know just how much damage was done. I gotta say that Joanne looks as cute as can be!
Even our little Irish lass, McBella, had a flashing necklace made up of shamrocks and lucky charms supplied by a kind neighbor. Oh, that gave me a thought. I should have incorporated Lucky Charms (cereal) in some manner. Maybe next year.....
I didn't bother with a picture of the corned beef, cabbage, potato, carrot and onion main course because contrary to photo's I have seen of it, by the time the boil is complete, everything pretty much looks like everything else, at least color wise. The mustard's and horseradishes are another thing altogether. Very colorful.

Apps were great and I forgot to photo them. I think the best one was the beer battered broccoli. There was a lot of parsley in the batter to green them up even more. I had celery sticks and blue cheese (dyed green) and spinach tortellini (store bought) that I fried and rolled in parmesan and then baby ravioli that was sprinkled with dyed green parmesan. It worked fine after a couple tries. Instead of dropping drops into the cheese, causing a clump, I sort of swished a drop or two of dye in a bowl and made it a real thin layer and so the cheese didn't get bogged down and clumpy.
Again, no way to make fennel and gruyère cheese look remotely as good as it tastes. It doesn't show here but it is slightly green. Maybe next year....
Corn casserole was such a hit that I was embarrassed a bit at the simplicity of it. It even calls for canned corn which I can't remember the last time I bought it. It's a family favorite.
The Irish stew was the one thing that I couldn't get enough of. I was making a 'to go' package yesterday for neighbors that couldn't stay through dinner and found myself continually eating the cold stew. The flavor is quite unique and it just may replace my mainstay stew recipe.
I have made this before and will so again many many times. It's the Banoffee Pie that is so crazy popular in Ireland. It's one of my favorites too. I am glad I made lots of it, because it went fast.

These were my first attempt at the Grasshopper Bars that everyone but me seem to know of from way back when. They first appeared in a Gourmet Magazine in 1983 and Kathy, my BFF got the recipe from her BFF Sissy.

I had twenty five people and had food for at least fifty, if not more. I have to learn to take the mantra 'less is more' to heart and cut down my proportions. But then, there is always ColCannon for a day or two after, right? Maybe next year.......


Susan Turney said...

Hi Tommy,
Your parties always sound like so much fun and I'm always drooling by the time I get through the post! I was just introduced to Sweet Corn Cake by a girlfriend who is also a great cook. She just uses the Chi Chi's packet so I bought a bunch and just follow the directions...creamed corn, butter, water and it's to die for!!!! I make it every couple of weeks and just use it as a side to whatever I'm eating. I'm not much of a cook so I get some interesting combos but I love it! Now, because of your post, I'm going to have to make it today!

dee said...

Everything, including your friends, looks so great. Wonderful cook that you are!!
McBella, adorable