Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscar Smoscar

My Oscar memories aren't very good. The highlight of my night was watching the outfits for the last twenty nine years that Ba bua Wa Wa wore for her per Oscar interviews. Last night was her last. She must be a million years old and she has had as much plastic as Joan Rivers; she just has a better doctor. Her eyes are so wide she looks like a deer in headlights. Great bod tho'; really great.

On to the Oscars - First thought? Charlise Theron (sp?) and a dress with bullseye boobs? What were they thinking when they designed the dress on crystal meth? Miley Cyrus and Rachel McAdams both wore way too tight strapless gowns that looked painful and they couldn't even stand straight in them. Their backs were concave and it was really awkward to see.

The salute to John Hughes was wonderful. It was sad, and his whole family was there. He was my age when he had his fatal heart attack. I loved all his films.

Also, John Lasseter commented on short films (which until his comment I never gave a second thought to) and said that if you make a great short film, the tools don't make it; it's what you do with the tools; i.e. entertaining your audience. My kids were both actors and they were forever reading short stories and plays and all the time I just didn't get it. I always wanted more. Now I will approach them differently. Maybe it's like sewing; the minute you see a new tool/gadget/iron/cutter, whatever you want it but it's whether you use it and use it to it's potential that matters. I am rather philosophical this morning, aren't I?

The opening monologue with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin was horrible. I felt sorry for them. I could read a teleprompter better than that!!!!! The idea of the Emmy guy (Doogie Howser) was cute but the whole song and dance was poorly done.

District Nine? Never heard of it and even if I did, I wouldn't watch it. Even the trailer made me want to get sick.

Who was with Meryl Streep? Was that her husband? Did you know she has had more Oscar nominations than anyone? Steve Martin did say one funny thing. He said he looks at it differently; she has had more losses than anyone!!

I thought Geoffery Fletcher (Precious) was adorable.

I didn't know that Colin Farrell was a musician.

Harold Wheeler who was the musical director for the show is also the musical director on Dancing With The Stars.

Favorite dress? Sandy Powell who was the costume designer (she better have a good dress!) for The Young Victoria . She also got Oscars for Shakespeare in Love and The Aviator. She dedicated the Oscar to all the low budget and/or short film people who really should be getting all the awards but don't get the hype or notoriety.

Other favorite dress? Demi Moore.

I was bored at 11 and turned it off.


Melody Johnson said...

I was bored and turned it off too. This was the first time ever not to watch the whole show. Loved Jennifer Lopez's frock. Amazing bootie.

Anonymous said...

I too was soooo 9:30!!


spikemuffin said...

Unlike the Grammy's and Olympics we get to see it live in our time zone. Starting at 5pm with wine, Oscar food, a few friends with completed Oscar ballots makes the show part of the evening. Our prize was a case of 8oz mustard and we liked the Baldwin/Martin "Abbott & Costello" routine and were happy to see a good movie like "Hurt Locker" get its due. Yes, those dresses looked like they hurt.

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Anonymous said...

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Regina said...

Hi stranger; I personally saw all 10 movies nominated for B.P. You would have hated District 9 but even more, you would have hated A Serious Man, a big waste of 2 hrs of my life. I don't think Colin Farrell is a musician; he just sang that song for that movie, which by the way was a great movie. Missing you, when will we be getting together? In Indiana????

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