Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Poker Run

Okay, I didn't win first, second or third place because if I did

one of these would be mine. I have no such green monster on my mantle.
Our cart died before we even got to the cart prix and so Micky, John and I walked the two miles to the start and G managed to get a little juice going in the cart and almost got home with it. This cart here was at the rally start and it's pretty cute.
Here's another one all jazzed up. We rented a cart and went on our way collecting poker cards.
The first liquid refreshment stop was here. This was my cure for a parched throat. Well, maybe not. But it looks innocent enough doesn't it? It's a clean Kettle One martini and it took awhile for me to drink it.
Gordon got all new batteries for the cart. These are the ones that failed us. They are out in the battery graveyard. We had a blast.


Cindra said...

This sounds like so much fun!

maggie z. said...

damn , i missed the martini run????

dee said...

How I love that first red cart. So cute!