Friday, March 12, 2010

Seven Hearts (A Grand Slam?)

I am wrapping up a few projects so I can get a crackin' on some new ones. The paper mache heart
is complete. I finished it off with semi gloss indoor/outdoor Krylon spray white and am very happy with the results. To attach the note 'Take Ours With You' I had to try different media
because both grosgrain and satin ribbon would not hold ink without it bleeding. I wanted to do it on my embroidery part of my sewing machine but I do the initial part on the computer and that was when it was a pc. I haven't even tackled the fact that I use a Mac now. I ended up taking
part of a store bought bow that I saved from a gift and writing on that. Then I curled it and carefully (as to not pierce the mylar) poked a pin in the paper mache to hold it. I signed the back with marker (where the heart is attached so it doesn't show through). And other than boring you with the unique gift wrapping techniques I used, that's about it. I will gift it to the family tomorrow night when we have a small dinner party for them.
I had seven more hearts and only enough mache paste to cover six of the balloons. I just hated to have the paste go to waste and eventually I will use them all so why not do it now?

It is pouring down rain so these puppies will take awhile to dry but that's okay. I have no immediate plans for them. Our pool looks like it's an infinity pool because it has rained so much. Better today than tomorrow because tomorrow we are having a parade!!!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

You got me with your title Tommy!
I thought you were going to report on your great bridege hand - bid, made and vulnerable!

Anonymous said...

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