Friday, March 26, 2010

Something's Fishy

Today is the day. We are going to the salon at eleven for the cut. I will have semi professional documentation of the whole process. I feel that there needs to be an extra blog today. And maybe valium.

Let's see, we have seen the sights, did a power walk with Bella, had a fabulous lunch, did a little shopping, and even watched the sunset at South Beach. But what Micky has been dreaming of doing for a very long time is fishing and yesterday afternoon was filled with just that.
This actually looks like a dismal day and the coloring is the same in all the pictures but I never felt it at all. I guess the humidity and the 70+ day just looked a little muggy. In a boat on the water, it was perfect. We all had on our Columbia fishing shirts (mine too was aqua). Here is Mick in yellow and G and his brother John. He has been visiting for a couple weeks and doesn't look like he is leaving anytime soon. He was great at the anchor and some tackle issues.
Micky is a bit of a wild fisherwoman. She almost hooked us each a couple of times. I chose to stay sequestered on the high swivel chair at the bough.
G had to visit every now and then due to the fish really biting the bait but not the hooks. I really don't like to put the shrimp on the hook. It just seems cruel.
Three hours out and Mick was the only one that got a fish. She actually hooked two but they were too small to keep. We considered it a successful outing and Micky most of all.

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dee said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I'm cheering you on though!!
Sometimes I really miss our boat and your pictures reminded me of how much.