Thursday, March 11, 2010

Squarely Finished

Look what I finished!!

Now my fabric is stashed happily behind a happy wall. I actually sewed the panels onto the shower liner. Each of the three have 400 4" squares so my lovely wall has 1200 squares in all. It is much easier on the eye than the boring white.

Yesterday was the first day that seemed like it was the right weather. That was short lived. It's back to yuck today. At least G and his brother got in a nice day of golf yesterday. I spent a couple hours of wasted time to go and pick up the bolt of Warm and Natural I had JoAnn's hold for me so that I could use the 50% off coupon that is currently in effect. When I went to check out it was costing be around $439 bucks before the half off making it $219 before tax. I explained that I never pay that much and that on line it cost $315 for the bolt. She charged me the same as if I came in and bought it a yard at a time ($10.99 per). I was furious and left the store for the half hour drive back home. When I got home I ordered two bolts on line and shipping was $25. I used more gas and energy to go to the store.

We went to a fantastic fund raiser last night for an organization called Food For The Poor. It was the very well received and it centered on the people of Haiti. It certainly puts things in perspective. It is geared to helping to not just provide but to give them something to achieve, like supplying goats, fruit trees, and things like that. I was very humbled.


Anonymous said...

The fundraising event seems genuinely well meant, but if people would take the time out to review the information they gather, then many mistakes and money poorly invested could mean the difference between poverty and a little better life.

Haiti is almost void of vegetation because of their chopping their trees for firewood. Which in turn contributes to landslides during the rainy months. This has been the case for the last 30years, and that is the first time I was aware of this problem. No one has really done a reforestation programme, and if they did, then the efforts were futile.

Goats are the worst animals to introduce to a country lacking vegetation. They eat everything in sight and it is rumoured that whatever they eat, never regrows.
Right now, there is a campaign in South America where they, out of neccessity are having to kill thousands of goats which were left to run wild. These goats are a real threat to their forestation.
Whilst goats are a cheap, easy to care for source of protein and profit. It is not a wise idea to place more of them in a country where they would be competiting with its inhabitants for natural resources.

maggie z. said...

love the new curtain.. it looks sensational!

Anonymous said...

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