Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's

I can't believe me sometimes. I just got back from Dog Park and took off my hat and coat and scarf (yes, I am still in Florida) and put on a white sweat shirt and grabbed a little caramel ice cream container and headed out to the studio to see if the internet was working and IT IS!!!! and so I was so excited that when I realized I hadn't brought a spoon, I used the end of a pen and the first bite went rolling down my white front. I deserve that. Anyway the internet is up and rolling.
Although the St. Pat's celebration has come and gone, I will share a part of it now. I can't post all that I have because I got plans so I will do as much as I can right now. There needed to be a little decorating so that is just
what me and my pigs did. They look very irish, don't ya think?
The centerpiece for the coffee table ended up being potatoes (the famine) with a few shamrocks and green mints thrown in for good measure.
The ingredients for some of my Irish concoctions had to be from the old country. The cheese tray was made up of Irish cheese and crackers along with a little stash of green grapes to add color.
A true shamrock was added but it really wasn't needed. I was gifted lots of them for being hostess.
I hear my name being called. I gotta run.

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Miracles said...

Your St Patrick's Day Party was wonderful. As always, I enjoyed your food and great company. I loved all the Irish much so that I had seconds.