Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I had my last bridge lesson/class yesterday. I am glad. Now we can just play the way we do and not worry so much about what TEACHER says. We are playing a couple times a week and that works out good. Because my calendar didn't jive with the schedule for making flowers for the Garden Club addition to this weekends parade, I have to run out to the stores and find some suitable materials and make my own contribution to add.
The theme for our golf cart decor is 'Flower Power' with the Lily Pulitzer color scheme. I figured I could be an asset, what with all the hundreds of flowers I made for Maggie's wedding.And just so you know that I am listening I will show you this project while completing and then after it is complete. Here is a pic of it after it was glued to the canvas (with Elmer's). I make a circle of glue on the canvas and center the heart (not painted) on it and then put a big plastic container on it and add a little weight onto it to make sure the heart will stay in place because it is so light. This picture has the first coat of paint on it. I just used those little tubes of craft paint. I will paint it again and maybe again and then attach my little saying. It's gonna say 'take ours with you'. That will probably be tomorrow.

I forgot to take a picture of the newest pig I purchased. It came from the Dollar Tree and guess what? It cost a dollar.


dee said...

The heart is such a cute idea. Good luck with the flowers.

Anonymous said...

If the material can take the extra stress, maybe you paint it with clear lacquer. Ten coats, with ample drying time, like a day in between, and you will have it lookig like glass and keeping like glass too.

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