Sunday, March 21, 2010

Very Challenging!!!

Four of us had a great time attending the Venice Area Quilters Guild Quilt Show entitled 'Quilting By The Gulf XIII'. Okay, so the name isn't such a show stopper as some of the others but then they didn't ask me, now did they? I have decided to start with a confusing part of the show. This embroidered quilt is obviously announcing a 25 year anniversary but it was two years ago. Wha?
I looked and I looked to find some write up of the actual challenge requirements. Normally,
you are given some criteria that has to conform to meet the challenge requirements. Some rules could be a certain fabric, a color, a shape, a size, a theme, a technique, to name a few.
Size seems to be consistently small in all these entries because they are all quite small. If I had
to guess, I would say they were around 12 x 18 inches, but as you can see they had various shapes.
There appears to be silver of some form in most of them. Circles, as in a silver dollar
show up in most of them. I even went on line to try and find out more of why this was hanging at the show and what were the parameters but spent way too much time doing it and finally
gave up. There are a couple little quilts in this group that seem to be a possible last minute
addition. I have heard it said that on occasion, some quilter who wants to be in a challenge
will take an existing quilt and add whatever elements necessary to qualify for the theme. This may be the case here if the silver was added to this flower? Just a thought.
This one is a circle, rimmed with silver and the notice on the tree is framed with silver.
Silver, circle moon; you get the picture.
This one appears to have gotten hung with this group in error but hay, that's just me.
The question still remains at large and I may never know the answer but it was enjoyable to look at and so to me, that's good enough. Got more later.


annieb said...

Pam sent me your link - I was one of the show chairs and I have made notes for the next chairs re your challenge confusion. You are absolutely correct - we should have posted the rules and a brief timeline/history of the challenge.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments on our show. And for the Challenge Comments. Venice Area Quilters Guild celebrated our Silver/25th guild anniversary in 2008. Our show is biennial and so is our challenge. My quilt was the Iris -the traditional flower associated with a 25th anniversary. We were limited in size and had to use provided silver fabrics.
Hope to see you in 2012!