Monday, April 12, 2010

Asiago Petites

I took out yesterdays blog. It was a very funny joke but when I opened the blog today the spacing was such that you couldn't even read it correctly. I was in a big hurry having Regina here with me. She sent me it via email (sitting right across the table!) and I just plopped it in.I did get a comment that it was in bad taste, racist, rude, ugly, despicable, etc, but that's just what made it so good. You so know I am too lazy to re space it so I will send it out to all of you in an email.

The following was in a blog that Regina's darling daughter Kelly wrote (she lives in France):

My mom’s friend, Tommy, gave me big reusable grocery bags to bring here to France that she found in China, there’s large Chinese lettering on it. I use one as a laundry basket. The other week I was at my desk with nothing to do, just looking around my room, and I realized in small letters on the side of the bag it says, Carrefour! CARREFOUR! What the heck? She bought the bag in China, brought it the the states and gave it to me, I brought it to France, and the whole time the people who ordained its production were the French??? Everything is coming from the sky and going in a circle.

The following is a Tommy rendition of a recipe we were served at a cocktail party that I wanted to recreate. I am calling them Asiago Petites. If I do say so myself, my second batch was better than the original.

I started out with a bag of Klondike Gourmet potatoes.

I sliced them to about 3/4" and discarded the rounded ends. I then used s&p and evoo to coat them lightly. I roasted them in a 400ยบ oven for a half hour or a little more.

I tried the little spoon first to scoop out some of the centers but found that the rounded tip of a vegetable peeler works best.

I cut up little rectangles of Asiago cheese to put in the center. I put them in the center (more is better).

I baked 'em and ate 'em. Yum.


Melody Johnson said...

I did read the joke entry and laffed. Some people have no sense of humor. And I love the asiago bites recipe. yummamente.

Cindra said...

Sorry I missed the post.. please send. I may have to try those little bites....I do love potatoes and asiago cheese!

diane said...

I guess I'm one of those people who have no sense of humor because when I read something that says "is she a nagger. No she's white...", it's pretty obvious what word they were going for. I have never found the n word funny. I am surprised to find that Melody Johnson thought it was so funny, too.
Don't worry. This is my last comment. I won't be back.

dee said...

for a change, I missed all the excitement. I make the yukon golds sliced, drizzled and tossed with olive oil, little bit of salt, pepper and then pile on the asiago or fontinella and bake until crispy on tip and done. My boys with fight to the death(kidding-sort of)for the last cheesy crumbs. Make sure to spray the pan with Pam if you try it.

I will try it your way. Sounds very yummy. Potatoes are my downfall-well...that and bread.