Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Treats

I am a bit into the hands on entertaining. I let my guests partake in part of the meal process. Here

is Millie preparing her fish to be steamed in parchment. I put a bunch of possible combinations of vegetables, herbs, and seasonings
out on the counter and gave each person a heart shaped parchment I had cut and had them do their thing. I showed them how to close up the fish 'tent' and in the oven they went for 15 minutes.
I wrote our names on each one. Here you can see my name being torn open.
Voila!! Dinner in a bag.
On to dessert. Maggie picked the recipe and it's Ina Garten's Pear Clafouti . We couldn't find bartlett pears and so we used asian pears. It also called for pear brandy and I just so happen to have a bottle that was gifted to me from a friend many many years ago and it had never been opened. Check out the pear inside the bottle. It came from Lituania.
Maggie peeled and sliced the pears and put them in lovely order.
I made the mixture of the other ingredients and poured it on. 45 minutes
in the oven
and the finished product looks like this.
Topped off with a bit of whipped cream and the Easter meal wound down to the finale. Yum...


Kathy Irwin said...

WOW, a clean oven. Hope your day was as wonderful as you are!!

Anonymous said...

I have never tried cooking an asian pear, looks like it was fine! Any "tips"? Never know what I'll learn on your blog, thanks. Lyn