Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fine Folded Fabric

Even with the crazy weather, the winter has just sailed by. I can't believe I am thinking about preparations to go back north. My plan is to finish up the work started here and hopefully start and finish a new quilt before the three weeks are up. I even put Maggie to work and had her wash and fold fabric for the items I make for the migrant workers. She started out gungho until she realized that care needs to be taken when processing fabric from the washer to the dryer in order not to

have this mound of tangled fabric, not to mention not letting various little animals use the pile as a nesting perch.

Repeating the process, this time in a more efficient manner, resulted in some mighty fine folded fabric. Say that five times fast.

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dee said...

The princess and the pea. Hysterical