Thursday, April 08, 2010

Goin' Bad

We do some crazy stuff when it's hot to take care of garbage odor. I can't stand a smelly can and do everything I can to have that not happen. Most of the time, if I am cleaning meat of fat, etc, I bag the remains and freeze it until garbage pickup. If it's quite a bit as it was last Thursday after my party, I think of other ways to get rid of it, or rather get it out of my can. The disposal takes care of a lot but it can't handle everything.

If someone had a camera on the two of us, Maggie and I, it would have made quite the YouTube. It was 7:30 in the morning and it was garbage day. If the truck hasn't come by the time I wake up, I rush around the house trying to find anything to pitch. The night before is a refrigerator check to see what needs to be tossed. This morn, as I was watching Maggie prepare Grace Kelly's breakfast, I noticed the watermelon on the counter. I said, 'hey, I'll cut this up before the garbage man comes so we can get rid of the rind and not have a smelly can for half the next week'. I get out the board and knife and as I am making my first cut, I hear the truck off in the distance. I cut as fast as I can, with Mag standing by with a bag to put the remains in. It was quite comical and we made it by 10 seconds. The guy just looked at this crazy lady running to the can with a bag in her hand.

After all that we decided to make a Thanksgiving feast for the Maggie's last day. She found a
JennieO turkey for seven bucks that was originally eleven. That was the start of our dinner. Potatoes left over from my table decoration for St. Pattie's Day got mashed with marscapone cheese left over from something. Into the freezer Maggie went and found five different kinds of bread left over and she toasted them up with all the fresh herbs in the house (rosemary, thyme, flat leaf parsley, sage and chives and with celery, shallots and chives, she whipped up a stuffing.

Then came the idea of the dessert. I had frozen strawberries and we had blueberries that were a bit on the sour side and thought that a good baking would fix them up proper and so Mags

made a delish crisp. Today is the day to cook up the turkey, make the gravy and feast
on a dinner made with things we already had that were on the verge of going bad. All because of a four dollar saving on a turkey. Yum.


dee said...

Sounds delicious. We had turkey for Easter. All the fixings too. My son was in heaven and the house smelled heavenly.
Someone in the family gave us some Omaha Steak Filet Mignon and in the box they gave us caramel apple pies- little individual ones. Boy were they good.
By the way, the steaks were a lovely thought but no where near worth what someone paid for them. You can get a whole filet and have the butcher cut it up for a lot less. The steaks had a lot of gristle too. Who ever heard of gristle on a filet? Crazy. I think we'll pass on future Omaha steaks orders.

Beth in TN said...

And then you had that smelly turkey carcass in your garbage for the week! I am exactly like you in bagging and getting rid of the smell. I usually time chicken/turkey meals for my family to the night before garbage pickup so the carcasses go out ASAP! Yes, I suppose it's weird, but I am a vegetarian and so the smell of rotting meat just makes me ill.