Thursday, April 08, 2010

Great Balls

Recently I went to a neighboring town with a bunch of girlfriends and we all wanted to visit a knit shop that we have heard raves about. It is in Sarasota and is called A Good Yarn. It is a wonderful shop and the employees couldn't be nicer.
They had an electric yarn winder and I have never heard of such a thing before.
Now looking at this picture I am doubting that I thought the swift was motorized as well. I will have to investigate this. I may have dreamed it but I thought I even saw it in action while I was there.
Ilene took us all in her mini van and here she is modeling one of the many sweaters that she has knit. She does excellent work. I see that she is picking out comparable skeins that match her sweater. She was collecting yarn to make a scarf for one of her friends. (Me, maybe?)

I was going around a corner of cubbies full of beautiful yarns when I heard a voice say, 'Tommy, is that you?'. Around the corner was Carol, a new friend that I met a year ago at a Nancy Crow class. We got to talking and remembered that we both have dogs named Bella and that in itself is a lifetime bond.
This is Carol putting on a sweater vest she was just finishing up. I fell in love with it immediately and so did every one else in the store.
It's chunky and very funky. I asked if she would mind me copying and she said that she would give me the pattern which she found in the fall Vogue knitting last year. I was very excited to start but I had to wait for the pattern to come along with the gauge manipulation she had to do.I tried with various weights of yarn to see if I could get the gauge even close.
I was using my knitting needles that my daughter brought me from Chile and they were 17 mm and too small.
I love them tho'. They are very unique and hand signed.
The pattern calls for four strands of yarn at a time and I couldn't find any color that had near enough skeins so I got a variety of chambray colors. I figured that this would look the bomb with any color jeans.
The needles are 20mm because I couldn't find 19. They are massive and I have found that I can't knit a lot at one time with my crazy hands. Like Carol, I am using six strands rather than four to get the gauge.
I wound all the skeins and then
grouped them all together and
wound them again. I only did the first six because I was afraid that the yarn wouldn't necessarily feed evenly and then I would have a big mess. So far, so good.
I knitted up the first ball while Idol was eliminating and then reviving Big Mike. It measures about four inches, not counting the row on the needles.
Here's a detail. I think I will need more yarn because I only bought eighteen skeins and six make up 4 inches? Thankfully I saved the yarn sleeves with the color and because it's a variegated mix, it won't matter if the lot is the same. I am gonna figure how much more I need immediately so I can intermix all the colors and lots right off the bat.

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