Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's The Berries!!

I have had computer problems for close to a week now. I think I have resolved most of them now that I have seen the Comcast guy next door for most of two days. We have next door neighbors that live in London most of the time and when they are here, which is seldom, they also have repair trucks in their driveway. There is something about going away and coming back here that leads to many hiccups in everyday life. The water heater, or air, or Internet or pool drain or something that is always acting up. And sometimes we, as neighbors have to share in these problems. That and I had a monitor that has been fading for most of two weeks and I finally had to bite the bullet and buy a new one. I pondered the $98 Acer (17") or the $128 Dell (18.5"). I ended up with the Dell but after getting home, I could have gotten a much bigger screen for $20 more. For some reason I thought that I didn't have clearance room on my desk but I was wrong. I could have gotten one of those cataract proof screens for just a little more. Next time.
I was gifted this wonderful book on making paper jewelry from Evan, my son in law. He is an artist (music and painting) and he knows what I like. I can not wait to dive into the book. I have already decided to try all 35 projects. TRY is the operable word here. I have already loaned the book to my friend Karen to check out (she makes jewelry) while the kids are here because I know that I won't tackle the book until at least after they leave.
I decided to make a fruit tart for Maggie because it is one of her favorite things that I started to make after going to culinary school.
I haven't made one in ages but it's like riding a bike; it all comes back pretty easily. Although kiwi looks good on these pastry cream tarts, I am a purist and use only berries. This one has strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. Yum.


Susan Turney said...

Yum is right! I love when you post pics of food you've made. You always make it sound so easy and I know it isn't. I'm moving soon and expect to have lots of company so I'll be refering back to your blog often!!!! Once I get settled I'm going to try to get a lot pre-prepared and frozen like you do so I'll always have something fun to serve. Such a good idea.

dee said...