Friday, April 23, 2010

Last Night

I had what was probably my last dinner party in Florida this season. With only 12 days left, I am gonna have to start winding down. Notice that Anne has a soft cast on her leg. She wore the mega pearls so that the eye would go to her neck rather than her leg. I hate to tell her this, but it didn't work. Maybe the white pants could have been replaced by black to lessen the contrast. She should have called me in advance and I wodda told her. Also notice that there are two dresses that are identical. Everyone arrived at about the same time so while giving kisses to the girls and guys, I saw Millie coming up the drive and saw that she had on a dress that I also have. I raced to my closet and changed my dress, shoes and earrings so as to match. She got a big kick out of it. I didn't notice until undressing at night that I neglected to replace by very obvious blue bracelet. No one told me of my fashion faux pas. One more thing to notice; I am starting to hang only with gals with very short hair. Does that mean anything?
Dessert was all that got photographed. It was a toffee cream pie from Gourmet Magazine (1984) and although everyone liked it,
I think it was named in error. To me it was a brownie pie, as I didn't taste anything remotely like toffee and the cream was just the topping. The recipe had the base of the usual suspects, sugar, flour, butter, cocoa, and eggs but no cooking other than the walnut chocolate crust. I couldn't serve eggs not cooked so I cooked it until set and maybe that changed the consistency. With everyone heading to parts north, food poisoning was not on my agenda. If anyone out there makes something similar and tells me that there is no cooking, I will try it again, but just on Gordon or perhaps his brother!!!!!

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Millie said...

As always, the food and the company was wonderful. We enjoyed everything from appys to dessert.
You have terrific taste in clothing.