Saturday, April 10, 2010


This is Peg. She is a shih tzu that my friend Kathy's daughter Kim rescued. Peg only has three legs. She was neglected and her hair got so matted and long that it tangled up around her hind leg and broke it in several places. They had to take the leg to save the little darling.
Peg got her name due to her condition. Isn't she adorable? She matches the sand!!!

The new word of the day - booyah. It is actually in a commercial for Biggest Loser. Maggie and I have been saying it constantly. It's one of those words that stick to you. We looked it up in the dictionary. I is an exclamation used to express extreme pleasure, approval, etc. It has other spellings too; booya, boo-yah, boo-yaa, booh-yeah. I tried to find out when it actually became a word but got lazy and quit looking after a bit.

Maggie is leaving today. She is being replaced (although no one can REALLY replace her) by Regina and her hubby Bruce. It's another sleepover!!!


Anonymous said...

Booyah, Jim Kramer, CNBC,s Mad Money.

patty a. said...

Al Pacino(sp?) Scent of a Woman - he said booyah in that movie.