Friday, April 02, 2010


I got a little sidetracked yesterday when making whipping cream. All of a sudden I screamed, 'the mixer is still on!!!!' It had been a good ten minutes.
We now have fresh creamery butter. The liquids that came out are gracing my walls and cabinets. Oh well.
This is the invite for the dog park potluck. It was very successful and we had tons of food. When I started to photograph it I realized that half of it was in the oven warming so I missed those food shots. I do however have a couple desserts to show you.

In honor of dog park, Jan brought a cake with Phoebe's picture on it with her life jacket on. Her birthday is in less that a week (she will be five) so it was only fitting that she should grace the top of the cake. Notice the '5' candle?
After going to the store (thank you Gordon) to get more cream, I watched the whipping process a little closer this time. The cake was a hit and is all gone.
When talking to Dr. Don at the potluck, he informed me that giving a little vodka to the flowers will firm them up.
I questioned whether vodka could firm up anything, but here is the proof. Except for the droopy tulip (broken and unsalvageable) the other tulips got a new crispness to them. It's good to have the good doctor around. I gave them the Absolut and saved the Kettle One for a martini.

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dee said...

who knew about the flower thing? Great tip! A little nip for the blooms and a little nip for me.
I cannot walk away from anything in the kitchen anymore. Ruined a good pan with high heat and olive oil blaze. Must pay attention more. Roger says I'm unsafe at any speed.

Thanks for the quilt show yesterday-trouble with the computer on my end wouldn't let me comment. I particularly like the one made with leftover bits of hand dyes and random stitching.
Happy Easter Tommy.