Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Slippery Slope

I just wasn't in the mood yesterday to tell you my tale of the 'accident'. I will now tell the gory details. That was a bit of a joke because it was actually ridiculous. The pool, which until this year, never filled to overflowing, did just that
on Monday. The whole deck was wet for most of the day. With the heat of the sun, most of it dried but the small section under the lanai where the full length drain is located remained wet. On venturing from the studio to the kitchen at dinnertime, I forgot the wet deck and slid. I never fell and now looking back on it, I should have. I stopped my fall and righted myself but I twisted my left foot under all my body weight. It didn't even bother me for the four more hours that I was up but after I went to bed and tried to get up sometime in the middle of the night, I found that I couldn't stand up. I didn't dream that I was in any way damaged. It didn't really hurt much then, but I literally could not walk. I took up hopping and then G got a small desk chair with swivel wheels and I maneuvered that way until the world woke up and I could get to a doctor. After x-rays the doc couldn't find anything so it was on to another location and I had an MRI. It was after this that they saw two fractures. Not so exciting, right? I would have rather been saving a small child from certain harm, or rescuing a puppy but alas, it was only water and a ditsy dame (me), who forgot about the wet deck.
All I could think of was the twenty five pounds of shrimp I bought and had started cleaning (taking heads off and then the shells and then deveining) while standing at the sink. That job was gonna pass to G but then I thought that there was no reason I couldn't sit and do the job so that's just what I did yesterday. It took seven hours. I was on the clock because with the stinky mess, I wanted to have it done to get into the garbage can and out to the curb for today's trash pickup. I will never buy that amount of fresh, right off the boat shrimp again. It only cost $5 a lb. but my time is more valuable than the savings and the mess.

I actually breaded some of the shrimp with panko bread crumbs, grated cheese, s &p, and black sesame seeds to take to a dinner last night and they were wonderful. My foot managed to get to the dinner but it also stopped me from staying. I just gotta get used to the Star Wars leg.


Melody Johnson said...

Yikes. It is always the simple stuff that screws us up. Speaking as one who has fallen down our steps three times before putting up skid strips.
Best fishes for a speedy recovery

Cindra said...

LOL, Mel, you are too much! Tommy, remember to put your foot up during the day as much as possible.

dee said...

Poor You. With my tongue firmly in my cheek I say, sit back and let people wait on you...OK, even I can't keep a straight face. Really, the elevating thing is very important.

Gayle from MI said...

I broke my foot walking at the mall. Yep just plain walking. The doc said the surface of the mall floor was just too hard. Since it was February, I took that as a sign from God I should not be excersizing. They carpeted it now so I guess that means I'll have to start walking again.