Sunday, April 25, 2010


Tutorial numero uno - Felted Soap. Pam, Carol and I followed Judy Perez's blog for felting soap
and followed it until we didn't want to do the labor intensive part of manipulating it. First we layered very thin layers of roving, alternating direction in a rectangle around 5" square.
Judy prefers glycerine soap but all I had on hand was Dove, so Dove it was!
Here is Pam's roving placed around the soap. We put them in panty hose and tied them closed. Judy said to work it with our hands but we decided to let the Kenmore do the work and tossed them in the washing machine.

It worked like a charm but made a lot of suds that are actually still there. They were very firm, like whipping cream that is closer to butter than not.
While the washing machine was doing our work, we went on to master silk screening.
These are our soaps. Carol put her panty hose casing loose (the first one); Pam made her panty hose medium tight with much more roving than us (middle). The last one was mine. I put the panty hose on real tight. It seemed to work the best. It's a two minute process and a great gift. I have the ones that my SIL gave me for Christmas in the bathroom and they work wonderful, like a wash cloth and soap combined.


Diane said...

Cool! I juss have a couple of questions. How long will the soap last? What do you do with the felt after the soap is gone?

maggie z. said...

love this little crafting project... nice gift idea too...

Anonymous said...

And then? What are these used for?