Monday, April 26, 2010

What's Going On

I guess I wasn't very clear yesterday in my sudsy blog. The felted soap serves as either just a bar of soap (used the same) or a wash cloth/soap combo. It is lovely as a decorative accent in a bathroom. When the soap is all used up, you can slit the felt and add another bar and it will close up with a little hot water and a bit of manipulation. The soap lasts as long as it would without the felting, getting smaller as it wears away.

I had a wonderfully creative weekend with my quilting pals, Pam and Carol. We had a great time swapping stories, ideas, as well as eating knitting and sewing. We really have to do this more often. I learn so much from other quilters and if I retain just a touch, I consider it a blessing. I neglected to get their permission to show any of the work they did here so for now I will forgo showing you it. I will however show you the progress on my latest work.

You remember that it started out as a drawing, then transparency, then
Photo Temporarily Removed
a bigger drawing (around 46" x 36").
I then did sections at a time to cut down on working with such bulk and hand appliqued down on a background. When those sections were done
Photo Temporarily Removed
I pinned the parts together and with the help of my mega light box,
which was actually an off lite, a flashlight, an extension cord and my outside glass table, I started the very slow process of adding my organic top piece which ties the sections all together.
Photo Temporarily Removed
This was a very slow and deliberate process. There were small changes I had to make in my original applique to make the flow from one section to another. In some parts I was going through four layers of fabric and freezer paper to pin in place. It took it's toll on my arms, due to the constant pricking from the pins while practically laying on the piece to shift a tad.

Now I will apply the top portion permanently, all the while enjoying DWTS (thankfully Kate (without the eight) is not there anymore), Biggest Loser, AI, and all my favorites while I sew away. This is very good practice to make a thimble part of my habit.


Claudia said...

On the subject of the felted soap, if you use a very aromatic soap, it can just sit in a decorative soap dish and the whole bathroom will smell delicious

Diane said...

Thanks for the info for the soap, I think I may give it a try.
Your applique reminds me of ant trails. I like it!

maggie z. said...

wow, this has really transformed in quite a beautiful way...i made your "chicken bites" and spinich pesto for the dip for when the kids are here..also doing the key lime pie,i love all the receipes you gave me!!