Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've decided to do both of my two new drawings in various methods. Due to no reason I started with hand applique.
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I am doing it in sections on base fabric. I have always found that hand dyed fabric doesn't lend itself to hand work but I am
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doing it anyway, sore fingers and all. I am using freezer paper as a base and then ironing under a seam allowance using spray starch and a paint brush.
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Then I placed the pattern on the window and matched up the placement of what goes where.
I am doing it in sections that will hopefully match up in the end. I am about half way through the applique.

I am going to try at least two other construction methods on the same pattern. I am going to try Melody's tutorial on fusing and see how that goes and I am also going to try and piece the work (these will be three separate works). It will be interesting to see how different they turn out. I will probably change the color way too.

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Claudia said...

They look like that snake in your backyard, that I can't forget since you posted.