Saturday, May 15, 2010

All Grown Up

This handsome young man is Will Cooper. He just so happens to have on a sweater that I knitted for him and gave to his mother for her baby shower, before he was born. For some reason, I never envisioned a two year old in the sweater but he looks just perfect in it. The hand in the pocket makes the Little Man seem that much more grown up. I want to give him a big kiss, just so he can wipe it off!!
These roses came to me a week ago from the kids for Mother's Day. FedEX pulled up to the house last Sunday and as eleven women went to the door thinking, 'What was FedEX doing on a Sunday?' and 'I bet ya they're for me', when all the time I knew they were for me.' My house, my gift. These came in a box and they are still nicer than most of the roses I have had in a very long time. they are a week old and not a petal has fallen. Oh, and the vase is perfect too.
Now, onto more important matters. Namely, toilet paper. I usually get my big supplies, (tp, paper towels, soap, etc) at a big box warehouse store like Costco or Sam's. Last week however, we were desperately low on tp and so G went to the grocery store and got a temporary fix. My sister Mike and I were shocked at the size difference in the Charmin from the big store (on the left) and the roll that just came from the local grocery (on the right). It seems hard to believe that someone packages the same product so differently. We probably went through a good 8 rolls of the little stuff in 24 hours (with help from friends, of course). I thought you needed to know.

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing cuter than a little boy! Love the sweater too! Wish I could give him a hug myself.