Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Anybody Home?

Thank you all for the marvelous birthday wishes. It made my day; that and coconut shrimp, my favorite wedge at my favorite restaurant and a little excitement just outside the studio. Bella and I were just minding our own business (she was sprawled out on the linoleum, and I had my feet up playing scrabble) when we heard a new noise. We waited to see if it continued and sure enough it did so we got up to investigate.

All the commotion was caused by this creepy visitor. For some reason, this particular iguana wanted in. The air was on and maybe he could feel it from under the slider. Bella barked her head off but wouldn't go closer than about six feet of the closed door. The iguana kept scratching at the window and was unmoved by the barking, which surprised me. This scratching/barking took up a fair portion of the afternoon.
There was a bit of movement from the iguana; it went from door to door (four sliders in a row)
trying it's best to get in. G went out with a stick to do what I don't know but these things are so chicken that the second they see a shadow they take off. It's living in shrubbery between two doors.
After all that barking, Miss Bella had to go out for a roll.


Deb said...

My goodness, couldn't you tell this iguana had just come to represent the neighborhood critters in wishing you a very happy birthday? Maybe they should choose a better representative next year!

Susan Turney said...

Kind of creepy but really beautiful, isn't it? Such crazy details make up his body. Have a good trip home.