Friday, May 07, 2010


We are home, safe and sound and it is pouring down rain. As if we haven't had enough. The front garden looks wonderful tho' and I will take some pictures of all the different colors when the rain subsides.

Here are a couple pictures of my baby during her travels north.

This is what she looks like 90% of the time. She is a very good traveler and even though we take her out every couple hours, she rarely relieves herself until we either get home or to a motel. She can really hold it.
When we come to slowing or stopped traffic (only once this trip) she likes to investigate and see what is actually slowing us up.
When we opened the garage door upon arriving home, I was tickled pink (!!!!!) to see a surprise just waiting for me on a little table right before the door. It is a birthday cake made out of the four pack containers of
Sofia champagne cans. I didn't have any idea that they existed until Maggie and Evan visited in Florida and she ordered one in a restaurant we went to to watch the sunset.
The packaging is just exquisite. 14 boxes of four, making 56 cans. Maybe I can polish them off this weekend.
Oh, and check out the side of the can; they come with their own straw that expands to be regular straw size. Someone out on the Coppola vineyard sure knows something about packaging!!!
Along with the booze, Maggie and Evan left a chick flick and Pass The Pigs game for a little Birthday Season weekend I am gonna have. More on that later.
As soon as we got home I took a very lovely shot of the Chicago skyline as it appears from my back deck. Home.

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Cindra said...

What a lovely surprise! Welcome home to Hoosier Land.