Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Birthday Season

The good old computer was not cooperating the last couple of days and just now I was able to post pictures. It seems like it was a week ago instead of two days ago that I had my birthday sleepover.
Here are all the attendees. Micky's boys were kind enough to not only deliver pizza's at dusk, but they took a picture of us all. The party started at one p.m. on Saturday and ended about the same time on Sunday. I lost most of the girls on Sunday late morning because it was Mother's Day and their kids wanted to honor them. I let it slide and let them leave. Back to the party.
Linda had this sign made and everyone signed it and wrote sweet things (all lies) on it for me to remember.
Jayne and Nancy (she's still here visiting from California) brought us head gear (mine says birthday girl and theirs said Party Girl, complete with lights flickering. The wine shirts were a nine touch too. Even tho' I said no gifts, I got lots of wonderful treasures along with a trunk full of food for the food pantry.
Nancy was insisting on group pictures but I was to be staged to look like I had fallen and couldn't get up. It wasn't far from the truth.
There are about forty of these pictures but I chose two where most of the girls had their eyes opened.
Food? Oh yeah. Authentic Chicago Hot Dogs complete with all the fixins', poppy seed buns and french fries.
We even had the dyed green relish that all Chicago stands serve.
Micky supplied these cupcakes. Oh dear, check these out.
They came through the mail frozen and made the day before. They were on dry ice and didn't have a flaw.
Did I take enough pictures of the little treasures? I pretty much covet these
photos much like I do my wedding pictures. We used them as a decoration until
it was time to sample, light them up, and sing to me.
Micky thought that sparklers would be in order and so put them in the cupcakes
and we thought nothing of it until it started to smoke up a bit. The alarm went off and the trusty
fire department came, the firemen came and celebrated and they were followed by the
coppers who also had a good sense of humor, probably thinking they were coming over to break up a rowdy bunch of kids
when all the time it was just us seniors. The fourteen hours of Saturday were filled with games, gabbing, candy, wine, margaritas, food, 'Love Actually' and more laughing than we have done in a very long time. My party was composed of the best of the best and they mingled together like they were all each other's best friends. It was a wonderful time.

Tomorrow I will show breakfast.


Anonymous said...

ahhh, how exciting and the fire fighters and police added a nice touch!
A birthday celebration to remember!!!

Karen said...

Now that's what I call a PARTY!

dee said...

Very cool. Can't call it a party till the cops show up! The t-shirts are really great.
Instead of a wedding cake, my DIL-to-be would like a cup cake tree. Those look awfully good.

spikemuffin said...

Wants to know why the shoe salesperson has to show off her butt?!

Frieda Anderson said...

Happy 60th BD, hope you are happy!! I love the new piece with the circles, it is something I have thought about too. I can't wait to see what you do with the top.