Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Color Turquoise

I decided last year to start making my own yard flags. The problem with buying them is they are not cheap and after three years of sun and wind and adjacent shrubbery ripping them up, they have to be replaced. I found a source on line and ordered
my spring, holiday, fall colors all at the same time. This was around Christmas time and the order came within a week and that was six months ago when we headed south.
It was in the garage, in it's original box, since. G just opened the box and brought the banner cloth in for me (mostly because he loves to fill every inch of the recycling can the night before the twice monthly pickup). Now this 9 foot roll is in the studio, on the floor so that I knock into it every time I enter the room. Thankfully it is always the cast that hits first. My sister has kindly volunteered to help me cut the sizes this coming weekend and it will be out of the way.
Speaking of colors (nice segue, eh?) this is a photo of the before and after paint job on the house that we had before the one we have now. The color I put on the cedar siding was the drift wood color. The new owners decided to go with a bit more color. Turquoise. Hey, we all like what we like, right?

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Do you know why there are sero comments about the color of the siding????

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