Thursday, May 20, 2010


I guess I may be wrong about my eyes. It is probably pollen allergies as most of you have suggested. Because it started in Florida I didn't think of allergies and they don't normally bother me but because everything is blooming and because Florida was so cold that they were blooming at about the same time, it makes sense. As old Martha would say, that's a good thing.

My pal Micky came over last night and I managed not to catch the picking of the final two on Idol but she quickly got on my computer and found out (I didn't know she was doing it) that my guy, Lee, made it to the final two!!!!!Yeah!!!! As far as I am concerned, that's a win. Who actually makes it to the final cut is almost redundant. Adam Lambert last year is a good example. I am gonna try to watch the end of last night on the computer today.

I mentioned at the end of last year that I accidently sent (via a new internet entry system) a quilt entry form for a juried show to the wrong show. It was to go to a quilt show and somehow I managed to enter it in a craft show. It was accepted and the quilt was sent in

to CraftForms2009 at the Wayne Art Center in Pennsylvania. I got the quilt back and the beautiful catalog that was printed up for the show.
They did a very good job on the catalog and I was very honored to be among all the very
unique and if I must say, way out of my league works of art. I guess I should make more mistakes like that!!!
I was very humbled and proud to see my little quilt side by side with all the stunning pieces. Happy accidents!!

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Ellen in MD said...

Congratulations on the acceptance to this show. :-)

I find it strange that they named it Craftforms2009 instead of 2010. The show was this year, although I remember the call for entries was last fall or so.

PS - I entered their quilt show, but, sadly, did not get accepted.