Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Day- May Day

Today is May Day. It was a big deal when I was a kid in school. I remember making decorations and a may pole. Everything I remember doing as a kid had to do with some sort of craft it seems. I don't think they do that anymore.
It's a sad day when mother nature makes a choice for you. We have these three thirty foot coconut palms that are coming down. They stick up so high that they could not withstand the salty cold winds that we have been plagued with this winter. G actually wanted to cut them down a few years ago because every year the coconuts fall on our roof and pool cage and do lots of damage. Whoever decided to plant these right over the rear of the house and right over a walkway to the dock should have thought twice. My view in keeping the trees before was that they look great from the front view of the house. Not so much anymore. It will cost us just slightly more to have them taken down as it costs us to have the landscaper shimmy up the trees and cut the coconuts down before they become destructive. We are having them removed after we leave for the season. I can't bear to see them go.
I got a little start on the quilting of the new piece. It measures 42" x 32" after cleaning up the edges. It was hard to cut off any of the hand applique but I had to do it. Some of my worms weren't as long as others at the borders. In answer to someone's question, the big stitches on the variegated green were basting stitches so that it's position would be in the correct place to hide all the end pieces. As soon as I had the hand applique done, the basting came out.


dee said...

Hope you're doing better on your Star Wars cast.
When you first showed the B&W drawing of this I thought it looked like the view through tree branches. Now it looks like plant and flower stems. I really like it and the quilting is, as usual, wonderful.
Sorry about your palm trees. At least they won't do the deed until you're gone. I'd hate to see that happening in person.

Sherall said...

Tommy, you may be a little sorry now, but you won't miss them at all later on. We had planted three palms when we moved here from the midwest and didn't realize there were so many kinds. We thought we were planting a short version. When they were as tall as yours, they made such a mess. We had them cut down an are way happy!

Anonymous said...

Call your new piece May Dance!