Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No More Carbs

Wow! Did you hear about Juan-carlos Cruz from the Food Network? He's the guy that
did the Calorie Commando and Weigh In shows before Ellie Kruger took over the calorie (and anti oxident) gab on FN. He got caught trying to have his wife killed (strangled because it is a less
messy way to have her done in) by three homeless guys. What an idiot!!!! I would have just fed her with tons of carbs and off her that way but he just couldn't have all that 'white' in his cupboard and frig.

My internet is acting up again. It seems like when there is any wind or rain around here that it comes in and out. I don't think I have woke up any morning since I have been home that I didn't have to reboot several times.
Photo Temporarily Removed

Here is the condition of my current piece. Some of the top is sewn down and some is basted. It is keeping me from going stir crazy these days.

Bella is so used to my not walking her during the day that now, when I open the french doors to let her out to the front garden, she won't even go out. She holds it from the time G leaves for work to the time he gets home. She is really something!!

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