Friday, May 14, 2010

Sittin' On My Duff

I dreaded my drive yesterday to my skin doctor; not because of what the doc would do, although he did do a stinking biopsy, but because it was supposed to rain buckets more. That never happened and it ended up being an easy drive. I listen to books on tape and that helps the time go by. I am listening to Mike Connelly's 'Poet'. It is very good.

This is my new piece I am working on.
Photo Temporarily Removed
The bottom half is hand appliqued down and now starts the auditioning of new parts. It's a bit of a pain in the butt because it's a lot of up and down and standing and I am not so good at that yet. I have auditioned three times in little segments and am not pleased with any of them yet.
All the little 'rocks' are just pinned in place but I think they are too close together to start out. It's back to the design wall for me today.

My technique is a little different this time. Instead of having freezer paper solid in the backs

I have cut out some of the paper to make it easier on my hands. The top two are already ironed over for the seam allowances and the bottom two are ready for the paint brush and spray starch. I was surprised how nicely the shapes stay with so little freezer paper backing them.
It's actually a good project to do when you need to keep your foot up for awhile.

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spikemuffin said...

read the Poet years ago. A great, but scary book!