Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Sorry about the bad photos (I took a picture out of the Chicago Tribune) but you gotta see this.

This picture was taken after police opened the side garage door of a couple who were reported missing after not being seen for most of two weeks. Apparently this elderly couple had so much STUFF in their house that they fell into and could not get out. First the wife fell and then the husband went in after her and they both got stuck. I know that it is a sickness but it seems
unfathomable that this could happen.
This is a picture of their back yard. The article said that the guys that went into the house had to wear full body hazard clothing due to the horrible rancid, odorous and rodent infested home. As wicked as I am, I would have loved to see what the inside of the house looked like but then I feel bad because the couple is in the hospital and not doing very well.

It's time to go through the closet again.


dee said...

Miss me?
There's a marathon of "Hoarders" on Memorial Day. I'm planning on a closet clean out.

The Mem. Day menu starts with Lobster rolls. Roger's birthday menu request and just peachy with me!
Hope your getting around better and healing well.

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

This reminds me to clear some stuff out of my studio. Really more it OUT! toward outside the house.

It also reminds me of my MIL's basement. It would have been easier to put the stuff in the garbage than put it down there.