Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Talk About A Buzz

A bit of Idol talk. I felt so sorry for Aaron; I thought he would cry. He was wonderful. My fave from day one is Lee (Chicago- could that be why? or maybe because I love paint and he sold paint?) and the cute stuff Harry Connick did with him totally brought out his personality. Casey was horrible and I don't think he can think without a guitar in front of him. Oh dear, I am sorry for venting.

We are going home today. I am looking forward to it but in the mean time I will show you a couple found object art projects that I am in awe of.

This dragon was made out of spoons, forks and knives; all white plastic.

This art made out of different milk blends of coffee is mind boggling. Click on the pics to get an idea of what this took to do. And I thought I did crazy things!!!

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