Sunday, May 23, 2010

This Little Piggy

I get way too many presents. Especially from some people and you know who you are. The newest of these gifts is a ultra soft cushy pig pillow.

She can either stand up or lay down. The coolest feature on the pig that I have never seen before is what they did to the velcro closure. Ya know when you have something with velcro and it gets caught on everything, especially in the washer and dryer?
Well this clever designer has the hook side of the velcro sewn down on this tab and right next to the velcro is a flap of fabric
that closes over the sticky side of the velcro so it doesn't do any harm!!! It's a very good thing.
Here we see the big fat pig (sorry) lying down, waiting for Bella to let me know she wants to jump up.

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