Saturday, June 12, 2010

Animals In Repose

I am thinking you might be needing a Bella fix so here she is reclining. It's what she does best.

I just got a jpeg from Athens Greece from my gal Kathy's iPhone who is sailing around Turkey and Greece with offspring Kim. She just so happened to find an animal reclining too
when she came back to her cabin. Before I forget, here is a picture of

the sister ship of the one that she is on. It's not like going on Carnival or Royal Caribbean ; it's small and refined and the perfect way to travel. Now, lets get back to the towel art/paper towel art/napkin art.
It reminds me of the trip I took with some girlfriends a couple years ago to Cabo San Lucus

and every time we left the villa, we came back to some new and very clever art
where we would least expect it.

I like that sort of thing. It's the personal touch that we all need.


Karen said...

That Bella's a cutie. And so composed!

sistersoftheart said...

Love the towel art! Every cruise we go on my hubby collects them and won't let the steward remove them until the end of the trip. By the end of the week the room looks like a towel animal convention! And then he photographs them! TMI?

dee said...

So happy to see a picture of the little darling. She looks like she just got her hair done for the photo.

Robbie said...

Bella is BEAUTIFUL!!! My friend just adopted a bichon!! They are the best!