Friday, June 11, 2010

The Pink Ladies

I just had to share these pictures with you for a very special reason. Micky's boys, Jordan and Sean, are alumni of Indiana University and through a friend of theirs, Kelli Dove who works for Baekgaard, a sister company of Vera Bradley, we get to peek inside of the Vera Bradley Golf Outing that took place last month.
As you all know, the thing that is the very best about golf is the accessories. Notice the matching hats, tops, skirts, Baekgaard hot pink golf bags and hot pink TIP TEE TOE golf shoes!!!
These girls definitely have their priorities straight!
These are Micky's famous and getting more famous wedge golf shoes. The girls loved them and don't you think every gal needs a pair? The little blue golf markers can be changed out to match your outfit or your mood. There is an abundance of bling to dress up the many colors of high fashion golf shoes.
My only question is, were they actually on a golf course and did they play any golf? If they are anything like me, they probably just took a pass and strutted around in their fine attire!! (I just threw that in; they are very serious golfers. ) Actually, I have no idea whether they are or are not. At this point, who cares? They look great!


Anonymous said...

Those are the best looking golf shoes that I've ever seen!


randi said...

perhaps i'll take up golf because i love the shoes!

Anonymous said...

I don't play golf. I tried to learn so my father and I could bond over golfing together, but the golf pro suggested I take up bowling.

However, I love the shoes Martha invented! The pictures were great fun to view.


Robbie said...

I'd wear the shoes OFF the golf course...