Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fly 'Em High

I have had a lot of email activity on the making and securing of the yard flags so I spent the last couple hours documenting the making of the flag for you. If you just want to buy them which I used to do, just go to and buy them!

On to flag making.
This is the size that I make. You can get a flag and the binding out of a 100" piece with left overs. I just pretty much copied a store bought flag as my model. After the flag itself is cut out of the flag fabric,
it is necessary to cut about 135" of 2 1/4" bias strips. You will need to sew several together to get enough.
To do this, put right sides together at 90Âșand sew. Open it up and on the wrong side secure the seam
in the french style, folding under and sewing to eliminate raveling. This is the wrong side pictured.
For the top and bottom you need to cut a rectangle about 7" by 5". Sew under about 1/4" on the bottom and left side for the top and sew under about 1/4" on the bottom and right for the bottom. This is added for strength.
This is the wrong side with the left and top (will be left and bottom when on right side).
Sew it down on all sides on the top of the flag, about a half inch from the raw edge and parallel to it.
Then trim off the top leftover.
Do the same on the bottom.
And trim.
With the rectangles sewed down, fold over about 3 1/2" (for a two inch pole; I will explain later) and turn under about a 1/2"and sew
all the way down the flag until you get to about six inches from the bottom. Here you will attach the bias binding. Put the right side of the binding on the wrong (inside) side of the flag and sew
about 1/2" all the way to the top of the flag.
This is when it is at the top of the flag with a little overhang of bias tape.
Flip the flag around and fold in the overhang.
Fold the bias down so that it is folded down to the seam.
Fold that over to the stitching and sew all the way down. I sew it twice.
Here is a picture if the folding process.
This is the top of the finished flag and this is the picture
of the bottom. When the bias is all sewn down, finish sewing that last six inches on the bottom of the flag so that it is opened. The top will be closed.

To anchor the flags, I have two feet of pvc buried in the ground. When the flags are not flying I cap them with pvc caps that you can get at any big box improvement store.
Oh, these are the caps. They keep out debris and water. I use 2 1/4" inside measure pvc for the buried part and the flag poles I use 2" outside measure pvc pipe. The flag poles are 10 feet tall because my flags are 8' and the other 2' stays in the ground. I have no trouble with the flags in the front yard as far as coming out of the ground because it is sheltered with houses. I have three identical flags in my back yard and because we live on water, it can get fiercely windy so after having to retrieve our flags and poles from the neighbors on more than one occasion, I
had to secure them. I put a grommet in the bottom of the flag and drilled a hole in the buried pvc big enough to get a cable tie through the hole.
The cable tie goes through the hole, then the flag and pole go in the ground and the other end of the cable tie goes through the grommet. This also retards the neighbor kids that like to take the flags out and hide them on me. The grommets are just the kind you get at JoAnn's that you hammer together.
Here you see the buried pipe and the flag pole. The flag goes all the way down but for picture purposes, I was holding the flag up.

Whew! That was easy. NOT!!!!


spikemuffin said...

Pictues say it all. Well edited!

Anonymous said...

Very well edited.......but now I need to take a nap- and two excedrins. What a project...and just one of thousands up your sleeve.

Anonymous said...

Great Post, thanks much! I was thinking about asking you to do a 'How to Make My Flags' Post and here it is.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Really pretty!

Colleen Kole said...

Ok maybe I can make them in two hours tops. Just kidding. Nice instructions and I am being a smart mouth. Thanks for the great instructions... I might be brave enough to try.

Elizabeth B said...

Great how-to. And thanks for showing the PVC display system and how it's installed (and I love the grommets!).