Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Get BACK On Track

I am seriously behind on many many things. I made the fatal mistake of getting talked into taking a partial two year old pain pill to help with my once again active chronic bad back. For the umpteenth time I have learned the lesson of pain medication and Me do not mix. I had a totally wasted day of nausea, vomiting, dizziness and the back still hurt to make bad, worse. Now, I suffer from the typical back problems that I have learned to deal with by doing a lot of icing, whining, and wining. I like my way better.

I have food that needs to be dealt with in the frig before it goes bad and I have plans to make for the full house this weekend. First things first. I need to find that cute dress that someone had on from Anthropology before it's no longer on clearance. Hey, I got priorities. I also have to get a pedicure. I haven't had one since the cast was put on the 27th of April. It is not a pretty sight. Two toes on each foot have no color on them at all. It's all worn off.

We had a great weekend with our friends Jayne and Rich. Thankfully I didn't take meds to any extent while they were here or they wouldn't have been here long!!!! We got to talking about fast food to have on hand for the kids this summer and I mentioned my old tried and true go to snack that uses up all the weekly leftovers.

I am referring to my using thin crust Boboli pizza crust as a panini and filling it with whatever you have in the kitchen that needs to be used or tossed. In fact, I will feature it today as soon as I compile the making of a freezable panini. I bet you just can't wait!!!!


Melody Johnson said...

I love the whining and wining. Perfecto.
I hope your back is soon back to normal. I couldn't help that one. It just came out.

dee said...

Sorry. I had hoped you were just busy with fun stuff. Hope you're back to normal soon.
I can't take meds for the back either(disc problems). Percoset made me feel worse than anything else-the back pain was better than my experience with that stuff. Ice on and off works for me but since I'm the most impatient patient-nothing works fast enough. More wine please?

Cindra said...

I know the feeling about pain pills... can't take them... give me the pain instead. Hope the back loosens up soon.