Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How Many Cowboy Boots Can This One Make?

As you probably already know, there are lots of alligators in Florida. When we first settled in Florida for the winter we were in Fort Myers and I remember walking our old (may she rest in peace) bichon, Mazy, on the golf course in our back yard and some guy across the water yelled to get that dog away from the water or the alligators will eat her for breakfast. I knew there were gators there because I saw them but until that minute didn't realize how intimidating they could be. Anyway, my friend Millie has them all over her neighborhood and she only lives a few miles from me in Florida. She just sent me these pictures and I HAD to share them with you.

From a helicopter
this picture was taken. It was in the back yard of a family that is located between Lakeland and Winter Haven, Florida. In the gators mouth is a full sized mature Stag. Yep.
The guy who shot him is a 6'5" trooper and he looks like a midget next to this 28'1" alligator.
It's unbelievably massive. And in someones back 40? Yikes!


Anonymous said...

OMG! that thing is a monster! pjn

sistersoftheart said...

Living less than a mile from one of the most infested lakes in Florida, it makes you think twice about venturing off the beaten path. We've had alligators cross the road in front of us on more than one occasion! This guy was a whopper!!

dee said...

Wow! that's scary. Our cousins tell us stories about these things but I always think they're exagerating. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

The first photo of the gator with the deer happened in Shreveport, LA. That gator was only about 12 or 13 feet long and it happened a few years back. They've been sending around versions of this for years on the internet.

The other photo really was a 28 foot gator that the guy killed in his backyard. Two different incidents.

My only experience with alligators came when visiting friends in Florida - I was out helping plant some stuff and heard something behind me. I turned around and there was a small alligator, probably only six or seven feet long but he was right there. I almost had heart failure but I hit him with the shovel and ran like hell and didn't look back. My friend's husband went out to look but it had disappeared and he thought it had gone back into one of the shallow canals behind their home there. It still makes me shudder.


Mechelle said...

Makes me glad the canal in my backyard is salt water - not too many gators, but it contains other "critters" that would eat you!! (Thats the REAL reason everyone in FL has a swimming pool - grin!)

Corky said...

About 3 years ago a man here in SC was snorkling and lost an arm to a gator. Only reason he survived was because a group of nurses was having a picnic nearby and they kept him alive until EMS arrived. I knew his wife from years ago and ran into her about 18 months after the incident. he's doing great and went back to work within a month of the attack. He's very positive and is grateful to be alive. http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/09/17/gator.attack/index.html

Cosmos said...

That's huge! And scary.

Anonymous said...

I remember little Mazy! You know what would be nice? If you would put all your recipies(sic)in one location because you do make some "amazing" dishes..... Give you a little something to do...(j-u-s-t kidding) ....I love your blog, Tommy. Ever so glad you have decided to keep it going.

W from VA

Melody Johnson said...

O I like the recipe collection idea. You could use the Pages feature from blogger. Up to ten pages per blog, but you can really load up the page. Or just have a bunch of links on the sidebar. Or a page of links. I got a million suggestions....hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor 'gater, killed for just doing what nature intended for him to do but unfortunately on land that is 'claimed' by man.

Can you see all the handbags and shoes etc $$$$$$$$ signs, YES!

And my little sister wants me to meet her in Punta Gorda for a couple weeks soon....like heck, noooooo.

Anonymous said...

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